SAP Security Research Group

SAP Security Research Group focuses on security issues relevant to SAP R/3, Netweaver / BW infrastructures and applications.

Fixed Vulnerabilities:

SAP has released security patches for fixing the issues we have reported. SAP’s acknowledgements can be found here.

SAP Note 1484692 – Protect read access to password hash tables
SAP Note 1497104 – Protect access to PSE
SAP Note 1421005 – Secure configuration of the message server
SAP Note 1483525 – New security center in SAP GUI 7.20
SAP Note 1485029 – Protect read access to key tables
SAP Note 1488406 – Handling the generated user TMSADM
SAP Note 1511107 – Executing freely determined code using transaction SE37
SAP Note 1510704 – Missing Authorization Check in AFX Workbench report

Areas of Interest:

  • SAP Secure Infrastructure Design
  • Gateway Security
  • Cryptography Implementations in SAP systems
  • ABAP Injection
  • SAP Rootkits
  • SNC(Secure Network Communications) / SSO (Single Sign-on) Attacks
  • Database Attacks
  • EDI/IDOC Manipulation
  • Usable Hardening Practices
  • Credential Theft in SAP Systems
  • SAPGUI Vulnerabilities
  • SAP Authorizations Weaknesses

Graduate and undergraduate students can apply to participate in SAP Security Research Group.


Solid Understanding of Network Protocols

Fluent C++, C# or Java programming.

Please apply to ertunga @ if you’d like to research/develop/break/fix (not necessarily in that order) with us by sending a short information about you and your availability.


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SAP Splunk

Splunk and SAP event correlation using Splunk HTTP connector.

SAP QRadar

IBM QRadar SAP offense pre-correlation using QRadar Leef format with SAP transactional data.

SAP ArcSight


Native SAP security monitoring

What is SAP and GDPR

What is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects SAP systems


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