Researh interests:

My current research has been mainly concentrated on rotational and X-ray luminosity evolutions of Central Compact Objects (CCO). The large discrepancy between their observed X-ray and cooling luminosities and very low dipole fields compared to those of other young (isolated) neutron stars (YNS), make CCOs interesting and challenging.

In addition, my research centers on analyses of initial conditions of neutron star-fallback disc systems through systematic simulations such that different set of initial parameters may lead the different YNS populations, namely anomalous X-ray pulsars/soft gamma repeaters (AXP/SGR), dim isolated neutron stars (XDIN), high-magnetic-field radio pulsars (HBRP), CCOs and rotating radio transients (RRAT). Comprehensive investigation of those systems could provide significant results to understand their evolutionary connections.

Recently, my attention is turning on to the vibrant topic, transitional and torque reversal phenomena of binaries hosting accretion discs as extensive observational outcomes started to be revealed. These systems in close circular orbits, have been loosely grouped into two classes called “Redbacks” and “Black Widows” based on the estimated mass of companion star. Redbacks have provided the long-sought connection of millisecond pulsars (MSPs) and low mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) and boost the study of interaction between MSP and accreting material in an unprecedented way.