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Our research centers on developing theoretical concepts and using computational methods to understand the principles that control the behavior of nano materials. We are recently focused on designing and predicting novel materials for energy applications. Examples of the ongoing research include modeling metal/organic hybrid interfaces, designing nanocapacitors using layered materials, investigating inter-layer excitons in van der Waals heterostructures, designing materials for carbon capture, and tuning the chemical reactivity of alkali activated materials with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


MS, PhD and Postdoc Positions are Available

If you are interested in an MS or PhD opening, send an email to Dr. Ozcelik and complete your application via the admission website, indicating your interest in working with Dr. Ozcelik during your application.

If you are interested in a postdoc position, contact Dr. Ozcelik with an email subject line “Postdoc” and a brief research statement

If you are an undergraduate student and want to get involved in our research projects you can directly contact with us.

We will accept applications until the positions are filled.