About Me & Contact

Eşref Türkmen

I am a graduate student in Electronics Engineering Department at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. I completed undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. During my undergraduate studies, I was an undergraduate student researcher at the university’s RF Electronics Laboratory. I am currently a member of the RFIC Group in Sabanci University. My research interests are in the field of RF and microwave integrated circuit design.

I get to research/learn/teach all day and get paid for it. Can you believe that ? The science world is too generous for me nowadays. 🙂 I like travelling and hiking when I bored from studying, researching and daily life.

You can contact to me via email. I will try to return your emails as quickly as possible if you don’t mention about forgotten bank accounts, rigged bets, drinking coffee together, etc.

E-mail: turkmenesref@sabanciuniv.edu