Professional Interests:

i) 3D bioprinting/biomanufacturing for tissue and organ engineering; ii) computational geometry and optimization for bioprinting; iii) heterogenous, multi-functional object modeling and manufacturing; iv) nano-micro additive manufacturing of composite materials; v) proses planning and development for hybrid additive-subtractive processes.

Grant Support:

  • UK EPSRC EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund 2018-2021, Amount: £815,625, “Bone Bricks: Cost effective modular osseointegrated prosthetics for large bone loss surgical procedures”, PI: P. Bartolo, Co-PIs: B. Koc, A. Weightman, G. Cooper.
  • Royal Society, Newton Mobility Grant, 2017-2018, Amount: £6,000, “3D bioprinting of patient-specific scaffolds for critical-size bone defects”, PI: B. Koc. Co-PI: P. Bartolo, A. Weightman, G. Cooper.
  • AB H2020 RISE, 2018-2022, Amount: €1,426,500, “DiCoMI – Directional Composites through Manufacturing Innovation”, PI: I. Campbell, Co-Is: M. Yıldız, B. Koc, M. Unel, T. Tunc, ,..
  • TUSAS Engine Industries Engine Industries, 2018-2021, Amount: 1,496,827 TL ($400K, SU Part), “[title withheld]”, PIs: B. Koc and M. Yıldız.
  • Turkish Ministry of Development, 2016-2019, Amount: 17,384,250 TL ($5M), “Integrated Advanced Nano-Macro Manufacturing Technologies Research Center”, PI: M. Yıldız, Co-PIs: B. Koc, ..
  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with Sabanci University – Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) with (KU Leuven) 2539, 2014-2016, Amount: 231,866 TL ($104,450), “Computational model-informed strategies for the biomanufacturing of 3D patterned constructs for the treatment of large, non-healing bone defects”, PI: B. Koc, Co-PI: H. V. Oosterwyck..
  • TUBITAK 1003, 2014-2017, Amount: 2,372,982 TL ($1,124,600), “3D Coaxial Electrohydrodynamic Printing of Multifunctional Scaffolds for Wound Healing and Skin Regeneration”, Co-PI: B. Koc with B. Okan, Y. Menceloglu, M. Yildiz, ..
  • TUBITAK 1001, 2013-2016, Amount: 305,680 TL ($135,860) “Additive Manufacturing of Multifunctional Nano-composite Structures”, PI: B. Koc
  • TUBITAK 1001 Grant, 2012-2014, Amount: 281,435 TL ($156,352), “Modeling and 3D bioprinting of hybrid live cell and biomaterial structures for vascular tissue engineering”, PI: B.Koc.
  • Sabanci University Internal Research Fund, 2012-2014, Amount: $56,000, “Tissue Engineering using multi-functional scaffolds with stem cells”, PI: B.Koc.
  • European Union FP7 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, period: 2011-2014, Amount: $112,000, “Bio-mimetic Multi-functional Active Porous Structures”, PI: B.Koc.
  • U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (research grant), period: 2010-2012, Amount: $800,000 (subcontracted amount to UB: $268,712), “Wound Healing Research in Protein Detection: Real time sensing of wound fluid proteomics”, Co-PI: B. Koc with PI:  J. Gardella, and Co-PIs: F. Bright, A. Cartwright, R. Hard.
  • U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (research grant), period: 2008-2010, Amount: $933,000, “Burn Fluid Analysis as a Prognosticator of Aberrant Wound Repair and Keloid Formation”, Co-PI: B. Koc with PI:  J. Gardella, and Co-PIs: F. Bright, A. Cartwright.
  • Precision Abrasives, Buffalo, NY with SPIR/TCIE, period: 2006, “Conceptual design and automation improvements for abrasive pad folding process,” one graduate student supported, PI: B. Koc
  • Precision Abrasive, Buffalo, NY with SPIR/TCIE, period: 2005, “Machine design and automation improvements for abrasive band cutting process,” one student supported. PI: B. Koc
  • Lockheed Martin IS&S Supply Chain Management Systems and Solutions Business Unit/Orincon, period: 2005, $100,000, “Graph Theory and Information Fusion,” Co-investigator: B. Koc , PIs: James Llinas, Moises Sudit and Rakesh Nagi.
  • University at Buffalo, Educational Technology Grants Program, period: 2006, $4,050, “Integrated digital product realization and analysis environment,” PI: B. Koc
  • University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Interdisciplinary Research and Creative Activities Fund (IRCAF) with ISE matching fund, period: 2004, $50,000, “Rapid Prototyping Equipment for Biomedical Engineering Research,” PI: B. Koc, Co-PIs: S. Bauer, S. T. Andreadis


  • Patent Application No: PCT/TR2016/050188: “Method For Three Dimensional Printing Of Heterogeneous Structures”, B. Koc, Navid Khani, Ali Nadernezhad. (Submitted on June, 2016)
  • US Patent # 9,851,706, EU Patent Application No: EP20140170465: “Artificial hollow biological tissue network and method for preparation thereof”, B. Koc, Can Kucukgul, S. Burce Ozler. (Issued on: 26 December, 2017
  • US Patent # 7,417,174, “Resorbable Laminated Repair Film and Method of Using Same” W. L. Hicks, J. A. Gardella, Jr., R. Bizios, B. Hard, F. Bright, J. L. Mukasa, B. Koc, A. Cartwright, Co-inventors, (issued on: August , 2008).