Ottoman Document Transcription


Project Aim: To build a transcription system for Ottoman documents

Ottoman documents contain Turkish text  written in Arabic-Farsi alphabet. Many social sciences researchers are interested in reading the Ottoman repositories for their respected researches, however they devote a considerable time to first transcribing such documents.

The aim in this project is to combine our expertise in history, literature and computer science to offer a solution to this long standing problem.

Project team: The project team consists of computer scientists and social scientists, in order to be able to address this challenging problem:

Berrin Yanıkoğlu, Mehmet Kuru (Sabanci U, History program), Esma F. Bilgin Taşdemir (Medeniyet U., Document Management, and M. Aysu Akcan (Lecturer in Near East Studies, U. Vienna).

Support: Our project is supported by a TÜBİTAK1001 Grant (122E399)

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