Self Healing Materials

My master thesis was on the single type micro capsule based self healing epoxy for resin transfer molding purpose. First image (left) were taken during the fracture toughness measurement of micro capsule-epoxy composite. Second image (right) shows micro capsules which are produced by using principle of in-situ polymerization of urea-formaldehyde.









Graphene is a 2D material which forms one atom thick layer of layered mineral graphite. I was one of the co-founder of a nanotechnology company, namely Grafentek which is working on the new generation battery system.

 Structural Health Monitoring

As a PhD student, I am currently working on the structural health monitoring of glass fiber reinforced composite structures with embedded Fiber Bragg Grating sensors. I have contributed several papers on the damage accumulation and its monitoring using Poisson’s ratio. For my publications, you can click here.