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PhD positions (applying to Sabancı University) and Postdoc position

Job description

We are seeking for suitable candidates who want to be part of this aspiring team of researchers and who want to make an impact in developing technology that can reach to the society. We invite caliber candidates to join our team at Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center, SUNUM to work on this challenging, interdisciplinary research project. PhD candidates will be funded by Tubitak research grant program for their graduate studies, while Postdoc candidate will be paid for the duration of the project. Please send your application, including a CV and two references to

  1. Background: Electronics or Physics.
  2. Experience in device physics, prototype design, micro-Fabrication, photomask design, photolithography, etching, thin-film deposition using PECVD, CVD and PVD techniques, graphene synthesis, characterization of thin film using ellipsometer, RAMAN and FTIR.
  3. Setting up source measurement units, mechanical chopper, PLL, and optomechanics setup for sensor characterization and graphene field effect transistor characterization.
  4. Familiar with Layouteditor, PCB design, and circuit design of driver circuit, and signal amplifier.
  5. Familiar with Labview, and CAD design.
  6. Able to work independently and write technical reports.