Make-up Rules

Rules to submit a medical report to take a make-up exam in CS 201

  • All medical reports must be submitted BEFORE the exam. If this is not possible due to last minute problems, the instructor must be called before the exam. Any excuses that will be taken into instructor’s account after the exam will not be considered.
  • Please keep in mind that it is totally up to the instructor to accept a medical report (see INSTRUCTION LETTER FOR SABANCI UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS, Clause 16/d). That means, a medical report does not guarantee taking a make-up exam. The instructor must make sure about the necessity of taking the make-up exam.
  • The topics for the make-up exams are from everything that is covered in class at the time of the exam. Do not assume that the topics will only be from Midterm1 topics if you are taking the make-up for Midterm1.

Moreover, please keep in mind that for fairness reasons, the advantage of having a late exam will be compansated by having relatively more difficult questions in the makeup exam.