“is a series of false starts.. of believed insights followed by profound confusion, and in the best cases, some small movement in the frontier of knowledge at the end..”


Publications and Forthcoming Papers

  1. “Machines, Buildings, and Optimal Dynamic Taxes,”  Journal of Monetary Economics, 66 (September 2014) 47-61. (with Ctirad Slavik) (PDF) (Online Appendix)
  2. “Optimal Subsidization of Business Start-ups,” Journal of Public Economic Theory (2016), 18 (4): 589–609. (PDF) (Online Appendix)
  3. “Optimal Life-cycle Capital Taxation under Self-Control Problems,” The Economic Journal (2017), 127 (602): 1188-1216. (with Nicola Pavoni) (PDF) (Online Appendix)
  4. “Intergenerational Disagreement and Optimal Taxation of Parental Transfers,” Review of Economic Studies (2017), 84 (3): 1264-1305 (with Nicola Pavoni) (PDF)
  5. “On the Consequences of Eliminating Capital Tax Differentials,” Forthcoming at the Canadian Journal of Economics (with Ctirad Slavik) (PDF)

Working Papers

  1. “Taxation, Redistribution and Frictional Labor Supply,” Revision requested by the Review of Economic Studies (with Christopher Sleet) (PDF)
  2. “Wage Risk and the Skill Premium” Submitted (with Ctirad Slavik) (PDF)
  3. “Intergenerational Education Mobility and the Level of Development” (Revised Version!)  Revision requested by European Economic Review (with Abdurrahman Aydemir) (PDF)


  1. “Optimal Fiscal Policy in the Presence of Parental Incentives”
  2. “On the Provision of Optimal Parental Rights,” with Nicola Pavoni
  3. “Optimal Taxation under Technology-Education Race,” with Ctirad Slavik
  4. “Microfoundations for Incomplete Markets Models under Idiosyncratic Investment Risk”
  5. “Pareto Optimal Parental Investment Subsidies and Long-Run Inequality”