(30) [future] Aspects of Democracy – Prerequisites, Paths of Development, and Contemporary Issues,
International Conference at the Japanese-German Center of Berlin, 20-23 September 2006.

(9) Historical Studies in the Last Twenty Years,
International Conference on the 20th Anniversary of the Department of History of the Ionian University,
Corfu (Greece), 21-22 October 2005.
Paper read on  Saturday, 22 October 2005 :
“On Ottoman History”

(8) Symposium on “1919”,
organized jointly by the Council of Europe, the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research,
and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
as part of the Project on the European Dimension in History Teaching, CIEP, Sevres (France),
1-3 December 2005.
Paper read in a plenary session on Friday, 2 December 2005 :
“The immediate and longer-term repercussions of
the peace settlement for Turkey : from Empire to Republic”

(7) Türkler ve Deniz, Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi II. Uluslararası Tarih Sempozyumu,
Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi (İstanbul), 6-7 Ekim 2005.
Paper read on 6 October 2005 :
“Türklerin Denizcilik Tarihinin Evrensel, Komparatif ve Teorik Çerçeveleri”;
follow-up course presentation with Prof Dr Tosun Terzioğlu :
“Deniz, Gemiler, İnsanlar”
(both forthcoming)

(6) Yarınki Avrupa’da Din ve Ulus, Almanya Büyükelçiliği Rezidansı (Tarabya, İstanbul),
24-25 June 2005.
Paper read on 25 June 2005 :
“20. yüzyılın ilk çeyreğinde, modernist Türk milliyetçiliği açısından
‘yararlı’ ve ‘kabul edilebilir’ bir İslâmiyet ve Müslüman tipi arayışı”

(5) Historical Sociology and Universal Empire, University of Copenhagen,
18-19 June 2005.
Paper read on 19 June 2005 :
“Disinventing Eurocentric feudalism and developing
a comparative, integrative vocabulary for the Ottoman Empire”

(4) Symposium on “1912/13” : Impact of historical events upon the changing lives of ordinary citizens,
organized jointly by the Council of Europe and the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs
as part of the Project on the European Dimension in History Teaching, Athens (Greece), 5-8 May 2005.
Paper read in a plenary session on Friday, 6 May 2005 :

“The Balkan Wars : A Turkish Perspective”

(3) Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages: 19th-20th Century, Central European University (Budapest),
30 March – 2 April 2005.
Paper read in ….

(2) Historical Studies: Disciplines and Discourses, Central European University (Budapest),
21-24 October 2004
Paper read in ….

(1) Europe?s Symbolic Geographies, Central European University (Budapest),
27-29 May 2004.
Paper read in
Panel 4 (Saturday, 29 May 2004) :
“Between the first and the third divisions :
Ottoman late imperial and modern Turkish nationalist reactions

to the possibility of relegation”