1. Present Position
  2. Previous Position (most important ones)


Present Position

Sabancı University Turkey Istanbul Vice President 2012-
Sabancı University Turkey Istanbul Director (Research and Graduate Policies Directorate) 2011-
Higher Educational Council Turkey Ankara Coordinator (Bologna Experts National Team) 2013-
Higher Educational Council Turkey Ankara Member (National Qualifications Committee) 2008-
Higher Educational Council Turkey Ankara Bologna Expert 2009-
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Turkey Ankara Board Member of TEMEG (Technology Transfer Mech. Support Group) 2012-
World Academy of Ceramics Italy Member (Science) 2012-
European Ceramic Society (ECerS) Belgium Mons ExCo Member 2003-
European Ceramic Society (ECerS) Belgium Mons Council Member 1999-
International Ceramic Federation (ICF) ABD Westerville,OH Council Member 2007-
GOSB Teknopark Inc. Turkey Gebze / Kocaeli ExCo Member 2011-
Inovent Inc. Turkey Istanbul ExCo Member 2011-
MDA Advanced Ceramics Ltd. Turkey Eskisehir Founding Member and Board Member 2003-
National Nanotechnology  Centre (UNAM) Turkey Ankara Associate Member 2008-
Sabancı University, Nanotechnology Research & Application Centre (SUNUM) Turkey Istanbul Coordination and Advisory Boards Member 2011-
University-Industry Collaboration Centers Platform (USIMP) Turkey Vice President 2012-
World Innovation Foundation (WIF) UK Huddersfield Consulting Member 2001-


Previous Position (most important ones)

Anadolu University  Turkey Eskisehir Vice Rector (Research, International Relations) 2010-2011
International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) USA Washington,DC The First Vice President Vice President for Europe 2009-2012
Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) USA Washington,DC Chairman 2009-2010
European Ceramic Society (ECerS) Belgium Mons President 2009-2011
Journal of the European Ceramic Society (JECS) Trust Belgium Mons President 2011-2013
Eskisehir Technopark ATAP Inc. Turkey Eskisehir ExCo Member 2003-2011
Ceramic Research Centre Inc. (SAM) Turkey Eskisehir ExCo Member 2008-2011
Anadolu University  Turkey Eskisehir Dean Faculty of Engineering and Architecture  2004-2010
Turkish Engineering Deans Council (MDK) Turkey General Secretary 2006-2010
Turkish Ceramic Society Turkey Istanbul Vice President ExCo Member 1997-2010
National Boren Research Institute (BOREN) Turkey Ankara ExCo Member 2003-2010
TUBITAK Turkey Ankara Committee Member (Engineering Support Group MAG) 2004-2010