Supervised MSc and PhD Thesis


PhD Thesis  

  • Production of Si3N4 Based Porous Ceramics Starting from Silicon, B. Tarhan, On progress
  • Development of Si3N4 based Ceramics for Diesel Particulate Filter Applications,  G. Topates, 2011
  • The Improvement of Tribological Properties of Ceramic Based Composite Materials Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, B. Yaman, 2009
  • Development of SiAlON Ceramics for Tribological Applications, N. Calıs Acıkbas, 2009
  • Production of Functionally Grades SiAlON Ceramics Produced by Tape Casting, A. Ceylan, 2006
  • The Improvement in Microstructural Development and Thermal Properties of α-SiAlON Ceramics by Seed Additions, S.R. Kushan, 2006
  • The Investigation of α-SiAlON Phase Region and Microstructural Characterization, S. Kurama, 2004


MSc Thesis  

  • Mn2+ and Fe3+ Doped α-SiAlON Ceramics, B. Akin, 2006
  • The Stability of B-Phase (Ln2SiAIO5N;Ln=Y-Ce;Y-Sm) in Multication Doped Oxynitrides, H. Yurdakul, 2004
  • Functionally Graded SiAlON Ceramics, N. Calis, 2004
  • The Production of Cordierite Starting From Different Magnesium Raw Materials, G. Topates, 2003
  • The Research on the Improvement of Wear Resistance in Floor Tiles, D. Kara, 2002
  • The Effect of Starting Silicon Nitride Powders on the Microstructure of α-SiAlON Ceramics, S.R. Kushan, 2000
  • α-β SiAlON Ceramics with Reduced Amount of Grain Boundary Phase, E. Dolekcekic, 1999