Conferences, Seminars and talks:


Convegno Annuale: Cryptography and Coding Theory First Annual Conference, University of L’Aquila, Italy (2021).

ACT21:  Algebraic Coding Theory e-Summer School, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2021).

IWCC:  International Workshop on Cryptography and Coding Theory, SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology, India (2021).

WAIFI: International Workshop on the Arithmetic of Finite Fields, France (2020).

MACIS: Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences, Gebze Technical University, Turkey (2019).

LSMS: Lebanese Society for the Mathematical Sciences, Lebanese University, Lebanon (2019).

Sabancı Algebra Seminars (weekly).

Sabancı Math Colloquiums.

GTÜ Post Graduate Research Symposium and Publicity Days (2018).