My research is focused on the areas of algebra, finite group theory, algebraic graph theory, combinatorics, finite  projective geometry and geometry of tensor product spaces.


  • N. Alnajjarine, M. Lavrauw and T. Popiel, “Solids in the space of the Veronese surface in even characteristic”, submitted (preprint).
  • N. Alnajjarine and M. Lavrauw, “Determining the rank of tensors in F2qF3qF3q”, in: D. Slamanig, E. Tsigaridas and Z. Zafeirakopoulos (eds.), MACIS 2019: Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11989, Springer, Cham, 2020 (preprint).
  • Poster: On character degrees of finite groups and some associated graphs, GTÜ Post Graduate Research Symposium and Publicity Days, 2018.

Software: T233-GAP package for determining the rank distribution and the orbit of a 3-fold tensor in the 2×3×3-tensor product space over the finite field Fq.

Master Thesis: On character degrees of finite groups and some associated graphs (PDF).