Monthly archives: September, 2018

Math 511 Algebra I

Introduction to group theory. Isomorphism theorems. Permutation groups and Cayley’s theorem. Conjugacy classes. Lagrange’s theorem and the Sylow theorems. principle ideal domains. Polynomial ring.

Math 501 Analysis I

Lebesgue measure and integration on the line. Convergence theorems. General measure and integration. Lp spaces. Decomposition of measures. Radon Nikodym theorem. Product measures and Fubini’s theorem.

GR 501 Academic Practices & Development

This course introduces fundamental principles in teaching and learning for graduate students in the event that they choose a career in academia. In addition, this course acculturates students to the practices and culture of Sabanci University. Through a series of workshops, graduate students will learn about best practices and ethical considerations in teaching and learning, …