Monthly archives: May, 2019

Math 551 Graduate Seminar-I

Upcoming lectures Past lectures Thu 25 Apr 2019 Giorgos Kapetanakis: The line and the translate problems for r-primitive elements (FENS G035, 13:40) Thu 18 Apr 2019 Ezgi Kantarc─▒: A Queer Crystal Structure on Shifted Tableaux (FENS G035, 13:40) Thu 11 Apr 2019 Mohammad Sadek: How often does a polynomial hit a square? (FENS G035, 13:40) …

GR 502E Academic Practices & Development-II

This course is a follow-up to GR 501E and aims to provide further opportunities for graduate students to develop their skills in teaching and learning in higher education. This course will enable graduate students to reflect on their first semester helping out with a course, plan for the coming semester, and develop new skills in …

Math 502 Analysis-II

Metric spaces and general topological spaces. Connectedness, compactness, completeness and consequences. Baire category theorem. Linear topological spaces. Open mapping, closed graph theorems. Hahn Banach theorem. Hilbert and Banach spaces.