I am from Kolkata, India. After completing my B.Sc. (2007) and Masters (2009) degree in Electronics Science from University of Calcutta in 2007and 2009 respectively I started working as a research project assistant in the Applied material Science Division of Saha Institure of Nuclear Physics, India from August 2010  on the LINUT (Linear Ultrasound Transducer Array – project. The prior focus was in the analytical and FEM design of acoustic MEMS transducers. The experrience gained me a Ph.D position in Electronics Engineering here in the Acoustic Group, Sabanci University in February 2012  under Dr Ayhan Bozkurt.

The primary research activities here include design and fabrication of  Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUTs) and inventing new applications of CMUT and piezo based HIFU systems for novel biomedical applications.Currently I am working in the TUBITAK project named ‘Ultrasonla Kateter Ablasyonu için Sistem Geliştirilmesi (Development of Ultrasound Catheter for Ablation System)’ addressing the fabrication issues with various micromachining techniques. I have been granted the prestigious TUBITAK BIDEB 2215  (Ph.D fellowship for foreign citizens) starting from March 2013.