Current Research

  • Primarily my work deals with the fabrication and design procedures of concentric ring arrays of CMUTs to be used in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) , and eventually for cancer ablation. The major concern of the work is to realize the very small size (2 mm ring array) as the system will be used with an intravenous probe. This work is funded by TUBITAK and is named Ultrasonla Kateter Ablasyonu için Sistem Geliştirilmesi (Development of Ultrasound Catheter for Ablation System). My advisor Dr Ayhan Bozkurt is leading our team. The fabrication is being carried by the conventional sacrificial release process in SUNUM.
  •  I am also working on the design, simulation of various miniaturized piezo transducers aiming for a recently planned novel HIFU application for Ophthalmic therapy. We have recently filed a patent for the same which has just entered its triadic application process.
  • We in our group are also trying to develop a wafer bonding process for producing CMUTs by anodic bonding technique.