MA & PhD Supervision


  • İrem Nart (MA in European Studies at Sabancı University-completed) Euroscepticism in the EU
  • Erman Emirhan (MA in European Studies at Sabancı University-completed) The Shift in Discourses of Identity in the EU-Turkey Relationship
  • Özlem Can (MA in Political Science at Sabancı University-completed) A Comparative Study of Immigrant Integration Patterns after the Syrian Crisis
  • Rasheed Ibrahim (MA in European Studies at Sabancı University-completed) The EU as a Security Actor in Africa: The Case of Sahel Mali
  • Muhammed Bakır Dursun (MA in European Studies-completed) Rise of Political Islam in Turkey and the Arab World and European Strategy for Engagement, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Orhan Günay (MA in International Relations-completed) Malta and its Relations with the EU, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Funda Akgün (MA in European Studies-completed) Foreign Policy as a Challenge for European Integration Case Study: Arab Spring, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Esin Aksoy (MA in European Studies-completed) Europeanization of Turkey’s Middle Eastern Policy After AKP, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Ezgi Duman (MA in European Studies-completed) Human Rights and Democracy in Turkey and Impact of the European Union, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Çiğdem Arda Meral (MA in International Political Economy-completed) How Does Energy Play a Role in The European Union’s Relations with Russia?, Istanbul Bilgi University.


  • Ersagun Kocabaş (PhD in Political Science-in progress) Peacekeeping and Coups d’Etat in Personnel Contributing and Mission-Host Countries
  • Merve Çalımlı (PhD in Political Science-in progress) Reconsidering Democracy Promotion: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil and Turkey, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Haldun Solmaztürk (PhD in Political Science-completed in 2016) Political Elite, Culture and Civil Society, Istanbul Bilgi University