About Sofia

I come from a very little town of a beautiful region in the south-east of Italy. Alberobello is a remarkable place, UNESCO site since 1996. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year because of our typical houses called Trulli, but also for the fantastic location between the quiet breezy hills and the sea coast as well as for the amazing food and wines. In case you plan a visit, please contact shorturl.at/gxKRX 

I grew up in a big family and I have 4 little nephews. I lived also in Lecce and in Bologna where I still keep sweet memories with flatmates and friends of my university years.

I moved to Istanbul in 2013. I love the city, I live between the university campus and the house that I share with my lifemate Ozan.

I visited Brighton (Sussex, UK) 3 times during 2016 and several other times thereafter. I grew fond of this place because it looks like a concentrate of the entire world cake in a little slice of it.

I like good food, live music and popular science books. I am fascinated by space exploration and I occasionally stargaze. When I am at home I like to bake, looking after my plants, watching sci-fi tv series and to play drums.

Puglia, the land of olive trees

Alberobello, BA. Panorama

Maltepe, Istanbul. Sunset on the Marmara Sea

Sussex. Countryside

Brighton. Royal Pavillon

The Seven Sisters cliff

At the office