International Conferences & Seminars

  1. 2016, “A New Role for Universities: Technology Transfer for Social Innovations”, PICMET (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology), 4-8 September, Hawaii, US.
  2. 2016, “Social Innovation driven by University Technologies”, R&D Management Conference, 3-7 July 2016, Cambridge, UK. With Nuran Acur.
  3. 2016, “4th Industrial Revolution and Social Innovation”, World Manufacturing Forum, 3-4 May, Barcelona, Spain. Invited Speaker.
  4. 2015, “Born into Tough Conditions, Now Conquering the Markets: Internationalization Strategies & Competitive Advantages of Turkish Global Champions”, AIB North-East Conference, 21-23 October, Boston MA, USA. With Turkan Tosun and Attila Yaprak.
  5. 2015, “Organizations with Purpose”, PICMET (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology), 2-6 August 2015, Portland, OR, USA.
  6. 2015, Keynote Speech: “Challenges for Managing Technology”, IFLA Presidential Meeting, 3-5 June, Istanbul.
  7. 2014, “Venture Capital Firms as Impact Investors: Hybridization?”, The 11th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference, Sponsored by Northeastern D’Amore-McKim School of Business and NYU Stern School of Business, 5-7 November, Boston. (With Banu Ozkazanc-Pan)
  8. 2014, “Fostering Impact Investment in Developing Countries”, PICMET, July 27-31, Kanazawa, Japan.
  9. 2013, “Functionality of the Turkish Biotechnology System”, 2013 Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building (GLOBELICS), 11-13 September, Ankara, Turkey. With Annika Rickne.
  10. 2013, “Measuring Competitiveness of a Firm”, Keynote speech at: Eighth Knowledge Globalization Conference, Organized by Knowledge Globalization Institute and Boğaziçi University, 8-9 May, Istanbul, Turkey.
  11. 2013, “The UN Global Compact and Firms from Emerging Economies”, The Role of Companies from Emerging Countries in Global Norm-Building on Sustainability, organized by German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), 24-25 May, Hamburg, Germany.
  12. 2013, “Hidden Champions: The Innovative Companies from CEE and Turkey with a Global Reach”, AIB 2013 Conference, 2-6 July, Istanbul.
  13. 2013, “How Do Emerging Market Firms Become “Champions” in Global Markets? Evidence from Turkey”, AIB 2013 Conference, 2-6 July, Istanbul. With Turkan Yosun.
  14. 2013, “Social Innovations: Observations from Turkey”, 22nd Conference IAMOT, 14-18 April, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  15. 2012, “Competitiveness of Turkish Hidden Champions”, PICMET’11 (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering Technology), 29 July-2 August,Vancouver,Canada.
  16. 2012, “Overcoming Difficulties in Internationalization by Emerging Market MNEs: Evidence from Turkish Hidden Champions”, 3rd Creativity and Innovation Workshop, 28-29 June,Berlin,Germany. With Türkan Yosun.
  17. 2012, “Lessons from the Turkish Hiddenchampions”, 10th European Leadership Conference, 7-8 June, Bled,Slovenia.
  18. 2011, “Understanding the Internationalization of Turkish Biotechnology System through the Functions of an Innovation System”, 7th International Conference on Business Management and Economics, Yasar University, 6-8 October 2011, Cesme, Turkey.
  19. 2011, “Internationalization Practices of High-Tech Firms: The Case of Turkish Biotech Firms”, PICMET’11, 31 July-4 August 2011, Portland, OR, USA. With Berna Beyhan.
  20. 2011, “Sculpting an Organizational Field”, PICMET’11 Conference, 31 July-4 August 2011, Portland, OR, USA. With Okan Pala.
  21. 2011, “Internationalization Practices of High-Tech Firms”, 4th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, 3-5 May 2011, Ohrid, Macedonia.
  22. 2010, “Measuring the Competitiveness of Firms”, 1st Meeting of Federation of Global Competitiveness Council, 10 December, Washington, DC. With Hakan Kilitçioğlu.
  23. 2010, “Technology Audit: An Empirical Study on SMEs of Istanbul”, 5th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 16-17 September, Athens, Greece. With Ayşe Günsel.
  24. 2010, “Technology implementation and group learning”, PICMET’10 Conference, 18-22 July 2010, Phuket, Thailand. With Okan Pala.
  25. 2010, “Analysis of Intellectual Pillars of Technology Management in DCs”, 19th Conference IAMOT, 6-10 March, Cairo, Egypt. With Berna Beyhan.
  26. 2009, “Istanbul: A Candidate City for the Global Innovation League?”. 2nd International Innovation Workshop, Çankaya Üniversitesi, Ankara, 5-6 November. With Ayşe Günsel.
  27. 2009, “The Missing Link between Firm-level Entrepreneurship and Performance”, 9th International Entrepreneurship Forum, 16-18 September, Istanbul, Turkey, With Ahmet Murat Fis.
  28. 2009, “Unlocking the Relationship Between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Performance”, PICMET?09 Conference, 1-6 August, With Ahmet Murat Fis.
  29. 2009, “Women Entrepreneurship in Turkey”, 1st International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit, organized by KAGİDER, 4-5 June 2009, Istanbul Turkey.
  30. 2009, “Technology Management Tools and Techniques: Factors Affecting their Usage and their Impact on Performance”, 18th Conference IAMOT, 5-9 April, Orlando, USA. With Nazlı Wasti and Berna Beyhan.
  31.  2009, “Entrepreneurial Education and Nursering Student Start-ups in Turkish Universities”, Workshop on “Development of Youth Entrepreneurship and Start-ups” organized by: Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), 1-3 April, Istanbul.
  32. 2008, “What the Numbers Tell: The Impact of Human, Social, and Financial Capital on Entrepreneurial Entry in Turkey”, Diana International Research Symposium, 4 November 2008, Belfast, Ireland. With V. K. Gupta, E. Karadeniz and N. Egrican.
  33. 2008, “What is Missing in Entrepreneurial Orientation – Performance Relationship?”, 31st Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE) International Entrepreneurship Conference, 5-7 November, Belfast, N. Ireland, With Ahmet Murat Fis.
  34. 2008, “The Relationship between CTO and Performance”, PICMET’08 (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology) Conference, 27 July-1 August, Cape Town, South Africa. With Okan Pala.
  35. 2008, “Understanding the CTO and Performance Relationship”, EITIM 4th Senior Forum, 2-3 June, Nice, France. With Okan Pala.
  36. 2007, “Benchmarking the Turkish Business Incubators: Supporting Innovation through Innovative Infrastructures”, PICMET?07 Conference (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology), 5-9 August, Portland, OR, US.
  37. 2007, “Innovation Performance And Competitive Strategies In The Turkish Manufacturing Industry”. Euroma (European Operations Management Association) Conference, 15-17 June, Ankara. With Gündüz Ulusoy, Çağrı Bulut and Hande Yeğenoğlu.
  38. 2007, “A Knowledge Map of the Technology Management Discipline”, Euroma (European Operations Management Association) Conference, 15-17 June, Ankara. With Hacer Ansal and Nazlı Wasti Pamuksuz.
  39. 2006, “One Step Ahead: The Experience at Sabanci University in Enhancing Student Responsibility for the Society”, Business as an Agent of World Benefit: Management Knowledge Leading Positive Change Conference, Organized by UN, Academy of Management, Case Western Reserve University, 23-25 October, Cleveland, Ohio. With Tara Hopkins.
  40. 2006, “Technology Management Activities and Tools: The Practice in Turkey”, PICMET’06 Conference. 8-13 July, Istanbul, Turkey. With Okan Pala and Ozge Can.
  41. 2006, “Innovation Performance and Partnerships”, 2nd European Management of Technology Conference. 10-12 September, Birmingham, UK. With Gunduz Ulusoy.
  42. 2005, “Technology Management through Partnerships”, 13th IFTM Conference, Istanbul, Turkey. With Hacer Ansal.
  43. 2005, “CDM Projects for Municipalities: From Waste to Sustainable Environment”, International Energy Workshop 2005, 5-7 July, Kyoto, Japan. With Yıldız Arıkan and Gurkan Kumbaroglu.
  44. 2004, “Diffusion of Environmentally Sound Technology: Findings from the Turkish Case”, 12th International Conference of Greening of Industry Network, 7-10 November, Hong Kong. With Yıldız Arıkan.
  45. 2004, “Diffusion of Environmentally Sound Technology and UN Global Compact”, 1st Global Compact Academic Conference: Part 2, 17-18 September, Pennsylvania, USA. With Kristoffer Husoy.
  46. 2004, “A Synopsis of Global Compact Applications in Turkey”, 1st Global Compact Academic Conference: Part I, 31 May-1 June, Istanbul, Turkey. With Yıldız Arıkan.
  47. 2004, “Performance Measurement in Supply Chain Collaboration: A Case Study In The Turkish Textile Industry”, 10th International Schumpeter Society Conference, 9-12 June, Milan, Italy. With Bülent Çatay and Serdar Basmacı.
  48. 2004, “Learning Through E: Organizational Learning in Implementation”, 13th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 3-4 April, Washington, DC. With Runar Olafsen.
  49. 2003, “Entrepreneurial Information Search Practice In Turkey”, 6th METU (Middle East Technical University) International Economics Conference, 6-10 September, Ankara, Turkey. With Murat Fiş.
  50. 2003, “Entrepreneurship in Turkey”, 11th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 13-15 May, Nancy, France.
  51. 2002, “Innovation Financing in Developing Countries”, 2002 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference, 18-20 August, Cambridge, UK.
  52. 2002, “Fostering Venture Capital in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey”, 10th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 10-14 March, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.
  53. 2002, “Fostering Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Turkish Information and Communication Industry”, 9th Schumpeter Society Conference, 28-30 March, Gainesville, Florida, USA.
  54. 2001, “Teknoloji Öngörüsü ve Yol Haritası (Technology Foresight and Roadmap)”, 5th METU (Middle East Technical University) International Economics Conference, 11-13 September, Ankara, Turkey.
  55. 2001, “Industrial Structure and the Diffusion of Biotechnology: The Case of Turkey, 4th International Conference of Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), 11-14 August 2001, Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  56. 2001, “Turkish Entrepreneurs in Information and Communication Industry”, PICMET’01 Conference (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology), 29 July-2 August 2001, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  57. 2001, “Capability Building in Biotechnology for Developing Countries”, 10th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 19-22 March, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  58. 2000, “New Technologies and Employment: Case of Turkey”, 4rd METU (Middle East Technical University) International Economics Conference, 13-16 September, Ankara, Turkey. With Hacer K. Ansal.
  59. 2000, “The Dynamics of Commercialization in the Biomedical/ Biotechnology System”, 5th International Manufacturing Research Symposium, 3-5 September, Cambridge, UK. (With Jens Laage-Hellman.)
  60. 2000, “The Diffusion of Environment Technologies: Micro and Macro Issues”, 2th Manufacturing and Innovation Management Conference, 17-19 July, Aston, UK.
  61. 2000, “The Dynamics of Commercialization in the Biomedical/ Biotechnology System”, 8th Schumpeter Society Conference, 28 June-1 July, Manchester, UK. (With Jens Laage-Hellman.)
  62. 2000, “A Comparative Study of the Biomedical Firms in Ohio and Sweden”, 9th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 21-25 February, Miami, USA. (With Jens Laage-Hellman.)
  63. 2000, “The Dynamics of Innovation Financing in Sweden”, 9th IAMOT Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 21-25 February, Miami, USA. (With Asa Lindholm-Dahlstrand.)
  64. 1999, “Regulations and the Diffusion of Environment Technologies in the Turkish Fertilizer Industry”, 9th EADI (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes), 22-25 September, Paris, France.
  65. 1999, “The Role of Regulations on the Diffusion of Environment Technologies: The Case of the Turkish Fertilizer Industry”, 3rd METU International Economics Conference, 8-11 September, Ankara, Turkey.
  66. 1999, “Mühendisler, Yöneticiler ve Çevre”, 3rd METU International Economics Conference, 8-11 September, Ankara, Turkey.
  67. 1999, “The Old and the New: The Evolution of Polymer and Biomedical Clusters in Ohio and Sweden”, 26th Annual Conference of EARIE (European Association for Research in Industrial Economics), 4-7 September, Torino, Italy. (With Bo Carlsson, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Dan Johansson).
  68. 1999, “The Role of Venture Capital for Innovation in Developing Countries”, 16th IASP Conference (International Association of Science Parks), 31 August-4 September, Istanbul, Turkey.
  69. 1999, “Building a Biotechnology Cluster”, PICMET’99 Conference (Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology), 25-29 July, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  70. 1999, “Integrating Research and Development in the Subsidiaries of Transnational Companies: Cultural and Other Issues”, PICMET’99 Conference, 25-29 July, Portland, Oregon, USA. (With Linda Wilkins).
  71. 1999, “Dynamics of Innovation Financing in Sweden”, 44th ICSB World Conference (International Conference for Small Business), 20-23 June, Naples, Italy. (With Åsa Lindholm).
  72. 1999, “Environment Regulations and Technological Development: The Case of the Turkish Fertilizer Industry”, 8th IAMOT’98 Conference (International Conference on Management of Technology), 15-17 March, Cairo, Egypt.
  73. 1999, “Innovation and Employment in Developing Countries”, Workshop on the Employment Impact of Innovation, Evidence and Policy, organized by National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm Workshop, January 30-31, Stockholm, Sweden. (With Hacer K. Ansal).
  74. 1999, “The Swedish Venture Capital Industry – an Infant, Adolescent or Grown-up?”, Conference on Financing Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Science Based Industries, 22-23 January, Mannheim, Germany. (With Staffan Jacobsson).
  75. 1998, “Relationship between Technology and Employment”, in Seminar Series of Stockholm School of Economics, 11 December, Stockholm, Sweden.
  76. 1998 “Biotechnology and Developing Countries”, UNU/INTECH?s International Conference on Industrial Structure, Innovation Dynamics and Technology Policy, 16-17 October, Lisbon, Portugal. (With Bo Carlsson).
  77. 1998 “The Relationship Between Manufacturing and Producer Service Industries”, 2nd International METU (Middle East Technical University) Conference on Economics, 9-12 September, Ankara, Turkey.
  78. 1998, “The New and the Old: The Evolution of Biomedical and Polymer Clusters”, International J.A. Schumpeter Society Conference, 13-16 June, Vienna, Austria. (With Bo Carlsson, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Dan Johansson).
  79. 1998, “Developing Countries and Technology Management in High-technology Industries”, INFORMS/ CORS (the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences / Canadian Operational Research Society) Conference, 26-29 April, Montreal, Canada.
  80. 1998 “Production Under Change: The Lessons From The Turkish Engineering And Chemical Industries” , 7th IAMOT’98 Conference, 16-20 February, Orlando, USA. (With Hacer K. Ansal).
  81. 1998 “High Technology Industries and Economic Development”, 7th IAMOT’98 Conference, 16-20 February, Orlando, USA. (With Bo Carlsson).
  82. 1998, “Do Economic And Technological Development Go Hand-In-Hand?: The Case Of Newly Industrializing Countries”, 7th IAMOT’98 Conference, 16-20 February, Orlando, USA. (With Fikret Ceyhun).
  83. 1998, “Industrial Clusters As A New Approach For The Development Of Transitional Economies: A Case Of Kazakhstan,” AFEE- AEA (Association For Evolutionary Economics- American Economic Association) Meeting, 3-5 January, Chicago, USA. (With Ahu Öztürkmen).
  84. 1997, “Industrial Cluster As a New Unit of Analysis in Development Economics”, 44th Annual Conference of RSAI (Regional Science Association International), 6-9 November, Buffalo, USA.
  85. 1997, “The Impact of Technology on Employment: Case Studies”, 24th Annual Conference of EARIE, 31 August- 3 September, Leuven, Belgium. (With Hacer K. Ansal).
  86. 1997, “Manufacturing in Decline: A Matter of Definition”, 24th Annual Conference of EARIE, 31 August- 3 September, Leuven, Belgium. (With Bo Carlsson).
  87. 1997, “Technology As a System: Industrial and Technological Systems”, PICMET’97 Conference, 27-31 July, Portland, USA.
  88. 1997, “Technology Policies, Innovation and Economic Development at the Regional Level”, 6th IAMOT’97 Conference, 25-28 June, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  89. 1996, “The Relationship Between Microelectronics and Chemical Industries in the Developing Countries”, the Second International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing in the Process Industries, June 3-4, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  90. 1996, “The Changing Role of the State in Technology Institutions”, the International Conference on Technology Management: University/Industry/Government Collaboration: UNIG’96, June 24-26, Istanbul, Turkey.
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National Conferences & Seminars

  1. 2016, “Kurum Içi Girişimcilik Program Tasarımı Ve İş Sonuçlarına Etkisi”, 1. Kurumiçi Girişimcilik ve İnovasyon Konferansı, İstanbul.
  2. 2015, “Teknoloji Yönetimi ve Teknoloji Yol Haritaları (Technology Management and Technology Roadmaps)”, Türkiye Elektronik Sanayii ve Elektronik Mühendisliği Kurultayı, 22-23 May, Bursa.
  3. 2011, “Yenilik ve Yaratıcılık Perspektifinden bir Değerlendirme: İstanbul’da Yaratıcı Endüstriler ve Yaratıcı İşgücü”, Kentsel ve Bölgesel Araştırmalar Sempozyumu, 8-9 December, 2011. With A. Günsel.
  4. 2010, “Teknoparklarda İleri Teknolojiler: Biyoteknoloji Alanında Durum (High Technology in Technoparks: The Case of Biotechnology”, Üniversite Sanayi İşbirliği Konferansı, 3-4 June, Ankara. With Berna Beyhan.
  5. 2009, “Kurumsal Girişimcilik ve Performans İlişkisi” (Intrapreneurship and Performance), 17th Yönetim & Organizasyon Konferansı, 21-22 May, Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi. With Ahmet Murat Fiş.
  6. 2009, “Girişimci Olabilir miyim? (May I become entrepreneur?)”, Türkiye Bilişim Derneği Girişimcilik Okulu, 2-3 May, İstanbul.
  7. 2009, “Kriz ve Yönetim (Crises and Management)”, 2nd Business Etiquette, Organized by Sabancı Üniversitesi Ekonomi ve İşletme Klübü, 2-3 May, Istanbul.
  8. 2008, “Teknoloji Müdürleri ve Performans: Elektronik ve Makine Sanayileri (CTOs and Performance Electronical and Mechanic Industries)”, 16th Yönetim & Organizasyon Konferansı, Antalya. With Okan Pala.
  9. 2007, Girişimcilik Oryantasyonu, Kurum İçi Girişimcilik Ve Bağlı Ölçeklerin Türkçe’de Geçerlemesi (Entrepreneurial Orientation, Intrapreneurship and Related Scale Tests in Turkish), 15th Yönetim & Organizasyon Konferansı, 24-25 May, Sakarya Üniversitesi.
  10. 2006, “Dual-use Technologies in Defense Industry”, 3ncü Savunma Teknolojileri Kongresi (3rd Defense Technologies Congress), 29-30 June, ODTU, Ankara. With Hacer Ansal and Elif Baktır.
  11. 2006, “Türkiye’de Teknoloji Yönetimi (Technology Management in Turkey)”, 8.nci Kalite Günleri (8th Quality Days), 28-31 March, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Istanbul.
  12. 2006, “Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma ve Çevre (Sustainable Development and Environment)”, AB Gençlik Programları ve Boğaziçi Organizasyonu tarafından desteklenen Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Semineri (Sustainable Development Seminar financed by EU Youth Program and Bosphorus Organization), 30 January 2006, AB Information Center, Istanbul.
  13. 2005, “Teknoloji Yönetimi ve Mühendislik Eğitimi”, 2. IEEE Turkiye Ogrenci Kollari Kongresi (Turkish Student Charters? Congress), 18-20 February, Yıldız Teknik University, Istanbul. Organized by IEEE Turkey.
  14. 2004, “Türkiye’de Girişimcilik Ortamı: İnovasyon, Eğitim, Hukuk ve Finans (The Infrastructure of Entrepreneurship in Turkey Innovation, Education, Law, and Finance)”, 1nci Girişimcilik konferansı (1st Entrepreneurship Conference), 20 April, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. Organized by TUSIAD.
  15. 2003, “Türkiye’de Girişimciliğin Sorunları ve Geliştirilmesi (The Problems of Entrepreneurship in Turkey and Its Development)”, 7nci Türkiye SİAD Platformu, 18-19 December, İzmir, Turkey.
  16. 2002, “Teknoloji Yol Haritası Tekniği (The Technique of Technology Roadmapping)”, Teknoloji Öngörüsü Panelleri 1. Bilgilendirme ve İletişim Toplantısı, 17-18 June, Tüsside, Gebze, Turkey.
  17. 2002, “Küresel Rekabet ve Ar-Ge (Global Competition and R&D)”, IV. Teknoloji Kongresi ve Teknoloji Ödülleri, TÜBİTAK-TTGV-TÜSİAD, 21 May, İstanbul, Turkey.
  18. 2001, “Technology Era and Turkish Industry”, 2001 Industry Congress, organized by TMMOB (Türkiye Mimarlar ve Mühendisler Odası Birliği-Turkish Chamber of Architects and Engineers), 30 November-2 December, İstanbul, Turkey.
  19. 2001, “Sivil Toplum Örgütlerinde Proje Yaratma ve Yürütme (Project Creation and Management in Civil-Society Organizations)”, 4th Quality Congress, Kalder (Quality Association), 13-15 November, İstanbul, Turkey.
  20. 2001, “Yenilikçilik ve GiriŞimcilik (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Üniversite -Sanayi -Oda (University-Industry-Chamber Event), Chamber of Machinery Engineers, 26-30 September, Istanbul, Turkey.
  21. 2001, “Teknoloji Yol Haritası (Technology Roadmapping)”, II. Teknoloji, Kalite, ve Üretim Sistemleri Kongresi (II. Technology, Quality and Production Systems Congress), Sakarya Kalite Derneği (Sakarya Quality Association), 7-8 June, Abant, Bolu, Turkey.
  22. 2001, “Teknoloji Yol Haritası (Technology Roadmapping)”, Proje Yönetimi III. Ulusal Kongresi (Project Management III. National Congress), Sabancı University and Istanbul Project Management Association, 12-13 April, Istanbul, Turkey.
  23. 2000, “Türkiye’de Bilişim Sektörü (Turkish Information and Communication Technolog)”, Venture Capital Seminars organized by TÜBİSAD-Sabancı University at Bilişim 2000, 7 September, Istanbul, Turkey.
  24. 2000, “The Future of Biotechnology in Turkey”, Workshop organized by TÜSİAD and Sabancı University, 6-7 October, İstanbul, Turkey.
  25. 1995, “Teknoloji Politikalari” (Technology Policies), Science, Science Policies and Universities Congress, Association of Research Assistants, 20-1 April, Istanbul, Turkey.
  26. 1993 “Teknolojik Gelismelerin Ölçek Ekonomisine Etkisi” (The Impact of Technological Developments on Economies of Scale), 1993 Industry Congress, organized by TMMOB (Türkiye Mimarlar ve Mühendisler Odası Birliği), November, Ankara, Turkey Proceedings, 1(160): 173-188 (with Hacer K. Ansal).
  27. 1992 “Planlamanın Tarihi” (The History of Planning), III. Turkish Social Sciences Congress organized by Social Sciences Association, 21-23 October, Ankara, Turkey.