Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Global TEFL Grade A Introductory 40 Hour Certificate

Social and Political Sciences 303-Law and Ethics

The aim of the course is to introduce students to issues such as the rule of law, constitutionalism, political legitimacy, the place of religion in politics, freedom, and justice.

You can find a syllabus here.

Social and Political Sciences 102-Humanity and Society

This course is designed to introduce students to key political concepts and ideologies, including the modern state and citizenship, nationalism, feminism, political legitimacy, socialism, democratization, secularism, totalitarianism,fascism, market economy, and globalization.

You can find a syllabus here.


  • Discussion leader for two classes each composed of 20 students.

  • Responsible for instructing and overseeing each student’s participation in class.

  • Grading quizzes, exams, and attendance.