Courses & Syllabi

As Instructor (Sabanci University)
- Quantitative Research Methods (POLS530)* - Spring 2018-23 
- Survey Research Methods (POLS401/532)* - Spring 2019-21/23  
- Methods and Scope of Political Analysis (POLS529)* - Fall 2017-23 
- Comparative Party Systems and Electoral Behavior (POLS404/513)* - Fall 2018/20/23, Spring 2022 

Sabancı University - Summer High School
- Nasıl Oy Veririz? Türkiye'de Seçmen Davranışı - Summer 2023 (Scheduled)
- Neden Kutuplaşıyoruz? Bölünmüş Demokrasiler ve Siyasi Kutuplaşma - Summer 2021 
- Türkiye'de ve Dünyada Seçimler ve Seçmenler - Summer 2019 

As Graduate Instructor (State University of New York at Binghamton) 
- American Polarization (PLSC382F) - ​Winter 2016 
- Models of Elections and Electoral Behavior (PLSC485H)* - Fall 2016
- Public Opinion and Elections (PLSC389K) - Summer 2016​ 
- Elite and Electoral Polarization (PLSC485L)* - Spring 2016
- Political Parties in Western European Party Systems (PLSC389N) - Summer 2015​
- Political Participation and Voting Behavior (PLSC485N)* - Spring 2015
- Understanding the European Union (PLSC389E) - ​Summer 2014

As Teaching Assistant (State University of New York at Binghamton & Koç University) 
- Introduction to Comparative Politics (PLSC113)* - Fall 2013
- Introduction to World Politics (PLSC117)* - Fall 2012
- Research Methods (INTL501) - Fall 2012
- Research Methods in Social Sciences (INTL201) - Spring 2012

* Official student evaluations are available upon request.


Yasemin Tosun (ABD, expected graduation in Summer 2023)
+ Dissertation Title: Essays on the Relationship between Political Representation and Protest Behavior
+ Recipient of the Scientific and Research Council of Turkey's (TUBITAK) Short-Term R&D Funding (1002) 
+ Pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Texas at Austin (2021-2022)
+ Recipient of the Scientific and Research Council of Turkey's (TUBITAK) International Research Fellowship Programme for PhD Students (2214-A)

Şeyma Topçu (Ph.D. Candidate, expected graduation in Spring 2024)

İrem Aydaş (Ph.D. Student, expected graduation in Spring 2026)

İpek Ece Şener (2018, currently ABD at the Washington University in St. Louis)
+ Thesis Title: The Impact of the Compositional Change on the Decisions of the Constitutional Court of Turkey
Melek Hilal Eroğlu (2019, Ph.D. Student at the University of Pittsburgh)
+ Thesis Title: Economic Voting and Relative Impoartance of Domestic and International Reference Points
Mustafa Erdem Kuşdil (2019, Ph.D. Student at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst)
+ Thesis Title: Understanding the Dynamics of Support for the European Union among Turkish Youth: An Examination of the Importance of Implicit Attitudes
Oğuzhan Alkan (2020, Ph.D. Student at the University of Texas at Austin)
+ Thesis Title: The Interactive Effect of Media Bias and Election Proximity on Political Knowledge
Şeyma Topçu (2020, Ph.D. Student at Sabancı University)
+ Thesis Title: The Decision to Stay Loyal or Defect: The Impact of Polarization on Vote Switching
İrem Aydaş (2020, Ph.D. Student at Sabancı University)
+ Thesis Title: Pre-election Polls in Turkey
Ömer Faruk Gemalmaz (2021)
+ Thesis Title: Conflicts and Elections: When is Domestic Diversion More Likely to Occur?
Şevval Özkaymak (2021)
+ Thesis Title: The Relationship between Political Interest and Out-group Attitudes
Ahmet Arif Günaydın (2022, Ph.D. Student at the University of Rochester)
+ Thesis Title: Effects of Electoral Institutions and Social Diversity on Party Systems
Makbule Berfin Baydar (2022, Ph.D. Student at Sabancı University)
+ Thesis Title: The Interaction of Conflict, Ethnicity, and Electoral Behavior
Berk Filcan (Ongoing)
+ Thesis Title: Electoral Consequences of Historical Cleavages and Migration: A Geographic Discontinuity Approach