Rizwan Jahangir

Rizwan Jahangir

PhD Mathematics

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanci University
Istanbul, Turkey

E-mail: rizwan@sabanciuniv.edu


  • C. Cisto, R. Jahangir, F. Navarra, On algebraic properties of some non-prime ideals of collections of cells
  • PhD Thesis
  • R. Jahangir, F.Navarra, Shellable simplicial complex and switching rook polynomial of frame polyominoes, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 228, 6, 107576, 2023.
  • R. Jahangir, D. Veer, On Cohen-Macaulay posets of dimension two and permutation graphs
  • C. Cisto, F. Navarra, R. Jahangir, PolyominoIdeals – a package to deal with polyomino ideals, Macaulay2, 2023
  • Master Thesis Titled “Theory of Polyomino Ideals“.