Peer-reviewed Journals

Book Chapters

  • “Mediation as a Foreign Policy Tool in the Arab Spring: Turkey, Qatar and Iran,” in Turkey, the Arab Spring and Beyond, Bülent Aras and Fuat Keyman (eds.), London: Routledge, 2016, forthcoming.
  • “Humanitarian NGOs and Peacebuilding: The Case of Turkey,” in Turkey and India as Emerging Global Development and Humanitarian Actors: A Critical Analysis and Challenges Ahead, Bülent Aras and Şebnem Koşer Akçapar (eds.), London: Routledge, 2016, forthcoming.
  • “Turkey’s Peacebuilding in Somalia: The Limits of Humanitarian Diplomacy,” in Turkey’s Rise as an Emerging Power, Paul Kubicek, Emel Parlar Dal and H. Tarik Oguzlu (eds.), London: Routledge, 2015.
  • “Çatışma Çözümleri Perspektifinden Suriye-İsrail Meselesi [Syrian-Israeli Conflict from a Perspective of Conflict Resolution],” in Barışı Konuşmak: Teori ve Pratikte Çatışma Yönetimi [Talking about Peace: Conflict Management in Theory and Practice], Nezir Akyeşilmen (ed.), Ankara: Middle East Technical University Publications, 2012.
  • “Davutoğlu Dönemi Türk Dış Politikası: 2009 Değerlendirmesi” [An Evaluation of Turkish Foreign Policy during Davutoğlu Era: 2009 Assessment, Türk Dış Politikası 2009 Yıllığı [2009 Assessment of Turkish Foreign Policy], Burhanettin Duran, Kemal İnat ve Muhittin Ataman, (eds.), Ankara: SETA, 2011 (co-authored with Bülent Aras).

Policy Briefs

  • “Qatar’s Regional Aspirations: Changing Mediator Role during the Arab Spring,” POMEAS Brief, no.6, February 2015.

Op-Ed Articles

  • “Violence Compared: Rape in Turkey and India,” Open Democracy, April 16, 2015 (co-authored with Jasmine Lovely George).
  • “Searching for the Garden of Eden,” POMEAS Oped, July 15, 2014.
  • “Is Turkey a Loner on the Thorny Path to Peace,” Hurriyet Daily News, April 26, 2013.
  • “Turkish aid to Somalia: A new pulse in Africa,” Al Jazeera, September 2, 2011.
  • “İsveç’te Gezinen Irkçı Hayalet [The racist ghost over Sweden],” Star Açık Görüş, October 4, 2010.


  • “Turkey and India as Global Development and Humanitarian Actors,” Conference Report, IPC, February 2016.
  • “Turkey’s Engagement in Africa’s Development, Workshop Report, IPC, February 2016.
  • “International Humanitarian NGOs and Health Aid,” Workshop Report, IPC, August 2015 (co-authored with Bülent Aras).
  • “International Humanitarian NGOs and Emergency Aid,” Workshop Report, IPC, August 2015 (co-authored with Bülent Aras).