ACTIVE: 1 PhD Position in: 3-year TUBITAK Aeronautics&Aerospace Research Project

1 PhD position on “Atmospheric Plasma Activation as an innovative, economic, environment-friendly method to improve the mechanical bonding properties of high-performance thermosetting and thermoplastic carbon-fibre reinforced composites”

The scientific research project will be headed by Dr. Serra Topal (Sabanci University/SU), and includes Dr. Bertan Beylergil (Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University/ALKU) and Dr. Cem Ozturk (Kordsa Inc.) together with Dr. Burcu Saner Okan (SU), and be conducted in SU Composite Technologies Center of Excellence (CTCE, Istanbul). The project duration is 3 years.

The topic

Atmospheric plasma activation (APA) is an innovative method for surface treatment to prepare the metallic/composite surfaces especially for bonding with adhesives, which offers unmatched advantages in aerospace&aeronautics applications compared to mechanical bonding techniques. This project aims to apply APA on high performance thermosetting and thermoplastic CFRPs, both in small-scale parametric studies and large-scale with the integration of multiple nozzles on robotic arm.

Required: all PhD applicants

  • Bachelor’s or Master degree in: materials science, chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, mechanical engineering, or aerospace engineering
  • Excellent written an oral communication/presentation skills in English
  • Good knowledge of materials science

CLOSED: 1 PhD applicant: “Robotic integration, composite production” (to study with Dr. Lutfi Taner Tunc, SU) (“PhD-3”)

  • Good knowledge on machine dynamics, robotics, kinematics
  • Basic knowledge in fibre-reinforced polymeric composites

CLOSED: 1 PhD applicant: “Chemical studies and adhesive development” (to study with Dr. Burcu Saner Okan, SU) (“PhD-4”)

  • Good knowledge/experience in polymer chemistry and lab processes
  • Interest in developing chemical formulations/compounds/adhesives from epoxies

OPEN: 1 PhD applicant: “Production and mechanical testing of CFRP thermosetting composites and their bonded joints” (to study with Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, SU) (“PhD-1”)

  • Good knowledge/experience in polymer chemistry and lab processes
  • Interest in producing thermosetting composites with vacuum infusion and surface treatment with innovative atmospheric plasma technology

What we offer

  • Highly stimulating interdisciplinary environment with unique access to state-of-the-art production, characterization and testing tools of composite materials, cutting edge research facilities and collaborations at IMC CTCE

Your application
Interested candidates should submit their:

1- curriculum vitae listing education, research experience,  work/project experience, career breaks (if any), published publications (if any; unpublished ones will not be considered), contact info (max. 5 pages, PDF)

2- cover letter (max. 1 page, PDF) Please state which profile you are applying: “PhD-3” or “PhD-4”.

Copies of academic transcripts, and names/contacts of two references might be required in the forthcoming stages.

Please do not email any other staff member in the institute. Applications will be evaluated by a Committee.

Dr. Serra Topal
Sabanci Univiersity