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International Journal Articles

A.1. Topal S., Baiocchi L., Crocombe A.D., Ogin S.L., Potluri P., Withers P.J., Quaresimin M., Smith P.A., Poole M., Bogdanovich A.E., “Late-stage fatigue damage in a 3D orthogonal non-crimp woven composite: an experimental and numerical study”, Composites Part A, 79: 155-163 (2015). DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2015.08.020

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International Conference Proceedings

B.1. Topal S., Crocombe A.D., Ogin S.L., Poole M.C., “Meso-scale multi-part finite element analysis of 3-D non-crimp textile composite materials”, 20th International Conference on Composite Structures ICCS20, 4-7 September 2017, Paris France. In: Proceedings of ICCS20 – Structural and Computational Mechanics Book Series, ed. Francesco Tornabene, ISBN 978-889-385-041-4.

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National Journal Articles

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