To undergraduates

Since we receive so many emails, it would help if you use the subject wisely to enable search.

  • For ENS491 requests – please write ENS4912 on the subject line
  • Particular class – please add its code (CS412) and also particular homework/quiz name (Homework1 or Quiz1) so we can search for anyone who is writing about missing a homework etc easily.

Let me know if you read profs. websites. :)

Comments 2

  • Berrin hocam, what should an undergraduate student write to the subject line of her e-mail if she wants to ask that is it possible to participate your research activities?

  • There will not be 100 students like you, so you can write something descriptive, searchable…. (if I want to leave it in my inbox and search later). But supervising research projects is like apprenticeship, it takes so much effort from the side of the professor that I can only accept 10 or so every year in 491 projects.

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