PhD supervision

Completed PhD Dissertations under Meltem Muftuler-Bac’s supervision:

  • (2021) Melike Ayse Kocacik Senol, “Third Party Intervention in Civil Conflicts”, completed in January 2021.
  • (2020) Aylin Ece Cicek, “Global Governance Constellations, Challenges and Trajectories in the 21stCentury: An Issue Based Empiric Analysis of the United Nations”, completed in August 2020.
  • (2018) Ezgi Uzun, ‘The Axis of Resistance: The Role of Religion in Iranian Foreign Policy”, completed in August 2018. 
  • (2017) Damla Cihangir-Tetik, Explaining Variation in the Foreign Aid Policy of the European Union, completed in August 2017.
  • (2015) Ipek Demirsu, “The Balancing of Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis of the UK and Turkey”, completed in February 2015.
  • (2013) Aybars Gorgulu, “The basic determinants of Turkey’s foreign policy towards the South Caucasus region in the Post-Cold War era”,  completed in November 2013.
  • (2013) Eda Kusku-Sonmez, “An Emprical Study of Lobbying Success in the Context of Turkey’s Accession negotiations with the European Union”. completed in February 2013.
  • (2012) Selin Turkes Kilic, “Accounting for variation in Political Party Closures: The EU’s Framing in Batasuna and DTP decisions”, 2008, completed in July 2012.
  •  (2010) Arzu Kıbrıs, “Veto Players and Political Decision Making”, 2008-completed June 2010.
  • (2009) Setenay Nil Dogan, “Diaspora Nationalism and Gendered Identities, Circassian Diaspora in Turkey”, 2005. completed June 2009.
  • (2008) Petek Karatekelioglu, Ph.D, “Turkey?s EU membership and civil-military relations as a tool for Europeanization”, Bilkent University, completed 2008. 
  • (1998)Aylin Guney, Ph.D., “Territorial Politics in Italy”, Bilkent University, completed 1998. 

Ongoing PhD Dissertations under Meltem Muftuler-Bac’s supervision

  • Nihat Mugurtay, “Why Do Non Traditional Donors Provide Foreign Aid: Systemic and and Unit Level Analysis of China and Turkey’s Foreign Aid”, December 2019.

Master Thesis supervision

  • (2020) Irem Dilbaz, M.A. in European Studies, “A Comparative Study of German and Hungarian Responses to the Migration Crisis in the Absence of A Common European Policy”, completed in August 2020.
  • (2020) Hilal Sert, M.A. in European Studies, ” Turkey and the European Union: Differentiated Integration from a Security Angle”, completed in August 2020.
  • (2020) Nazli Ece Aslan, M.A. in European Studies, “Lack of Concerted Action in the European Union’s Foreign Policy: A Comparative Analysis of the EU’s Presence in the Libyan and Syrian Crisis, completed in August 2020.
  • (2020) Samet Apaydin, M.A in Political Science, “The Role of Refugee Flows and the Porous Borders in Shaping Voting Behavior: Analysis from the Turkish Elections”, completed in August 2020.
  • (2019) Nagehan Meryem Ulusoy, M.A. in European Studies, “Political Conditionality and Turkish backsliding in political reforms”, completed in July 2019.
  • (2019) Dilara Kaya, M.A. in European Studies, “Assessing Turkey’s possible role in the Migration Crisis”, 2014-2019, completed in July 2019.
  • (2019) Zehra Korkmaz, M.A. in Political Science, “Regional Organizations and Humanitarian Intervention”, completed in July 2019.
  • (2018) Adea Gafuri, M.A. in Political Science, “The Role of External Tools in Enhancing Democratization: A Comparative Study of EU’s Assistance to the Western Balkans, 1994-2016”, completed in August 2018.
  • (2018) Emirhan Ozkan, M.A. in Political Science, “An Examination of the Views and Preferences of Main Turkish Political Parties on Europe between June 2013 and June 2015″completed in August 2018.
  • (2018) Miray Keskin, M.A. in European studies, “The emergence and Evolution of Defense Cooperation in the European Union: Permanent Structure Cooperation (PESCO)” completed in August 2018.
  • (2017) Ozge Sari, M.A in European Studies, “ A Critical Analyis of Political Conditionality: Political Transformation in Turkey from 1999 to 2016’, completed in August 2017.
  • (2017) Yeter Bakış, M.A in European Studies, ‘A New Phase in Turkey-EU Relations: The Refugee Deal”, completed in August 2017.
  • (2017) Merve Kucuk, M.A.Thesis in European Studies, “Caught in Sovereignty: A Turkish Remedy to the İneffectiveness of the European Union Policies on Combating Terrorism”, completed July 2017.
  • (2017) Selin Karabulut, M.A in Political Science, “The Impact of Democratic Sanctions on Leaders”, completed July 2017.
  • (2016) Sumeyye Ceren Ozkan, M.A.Thesis in European Studies, “Changing Social preferences in Greece Towards Turkey”, completed in August 2016.
  • (2016) Hande Yaman, M.A. Thesis in European Studies, “Public Support to Turkey’s EU accession: 2005-2014”, completed in August 2016.
  • (2016) Sevdenur Kose, M.A. Thesis in Political Science, “Refugee Crisis in International politics: The role of Intergovernmental organizations”, completed in June 2016.
  • (2015) Leyla Magdelena Amur, M.A Thesis in Turkish Studies, “Perceptions of Feminist Organizations regarding the EU’s Role in the Turkish Women’s Movement”, completed in January 2015.
  • (2015) Ayse Nazli Soylet, M.A. Thesis in European Studies, “Ethno-Pluralism Analysis in the European Union: Analysis of the Right Wing Parties and Their Constituents”, completed in January 2015.
  • (2014) Busra Catir, M.A Thesis in European Studies, ““The Iron Fist of a Soft Power: An Analysis of the use of Restrictive Measures by the EU”, completed in September 2014.
  • (2014) Yasin Bostanci, M.A. Thesis in European Studies, ““The USA, EU and Turkey Triangle: Changing Perceptions for American Support to Turkey’s Accession talks with the EU”, completed in August 2014.
  • (2013)  Irem Bulat, M.A. Thesis in European Studies, “The EU’s promotion of Democracy in the Mediterranean region”, completed in August 2013.
  • (2013) Alper Baysan, M.A. Thesis in political Science, “The Domestic politics of the EU External Policy making in Justice and Home Affairs, The Cause of the EU and Turkey”, completed in July 2013.
  • (2013) Aysegul Sezer, M.A. Thesis in European Studies, “The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and The European Parliament in the CFSP From A Supranationalist Perspective”, completed in February 2013.
  • (2013) Ece Cam, M.A.Thesis in Political Science. “Turkeys role in European energy security”, completed in February 2013.
  • (2012) Elif Urgan, MA in European Studies, Fading Credibility of the EU Political Conditionality and its Decreasing Effect on Democratic Consolidation: The Case of Turkey, completed in February 2012.
  • (2011) Ezgi Uzun, MA in Political Science, Iran’s nuclear weapons and the international balance of power, completed August 2011
  • (2011) Berat Beyza Aybat, MA in European Studies, The Past and the Future of the European Neighborhood Policy- A Successful Cooperation or Just a Mehter Step?, completed August 2011
  • (2011) Melis Atalay, MA in European Studies, The impact of EU criminal law: With a close examination of its impact on the privacy and security of EU citizens, completed August 2011
  • (2011) Doga Taslardan, MA in European Studies, The impact of the Financial Crisis on the Colllective Interest of the EU, completed February 2011
  • (2010) Meagan Meier Beltekoglu, MA in European Studies, Unity in Diversity? Multiculturalism in the European Union and its impact on Turkish accession, completed in August 2010.
  • (2010) Fatma Gerenli, MA in European Studies. The German preferences towards Turkey’s EU Accession, completed February 2010.
  • (2009) Asli Baysal, MA in Political Science. The EU and the UN as tools of norm diffusion, completed August 2009.
  • (2009) Basak Taraktas,MA in Political Science, The European Union and the Financial crisis,completed June 2009.
  • (2009) Meryem Kosehanogulları, MA in European Studies, The Institutional Reforms in the EU, completed February 2009.
  • (2009) Leyla Arpac, MA in European Studies, The European Union and security dimesion, completed February 2009.
  • (2008) Sevinc Bodur, MA in European Studies, The Europeanization of Turkish Foreign Policy, completed, August 2008.
  • (2008) Deniz Baskan, MA in European Studies,The EU and its energy policies, completed date: June 2008.
  • (2008) Erdem Akbas, MA in European Studies, Civil-Military Relations in Turkey in the view of EU conditionality,completed date: August 2008.
  • (2007) Sibel Oktay, MA in Political Science, The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the ENP: A Comparative Analysis, completed in July 2007.
  • (2007) Gurbet Deniz Yavuz, MA in European Studies, Turkey?s Accession to the European Union: the role of immigration, completed in February 2007.
  • (2006) Evrim Taskin, MA in European Studies,Turkey and the European Union: An intergovernmental analysis, completed in August 2006.
  • (2006) Onur Kayalar, MA in European Studies,Turkey’s Accession to the EU: A Two-level game analogy, completed in February 2006.
  • (2005) Alistair Taylor, MA in Political Science, The Impact of Turkey?s Accession on European Security, completed in August 2005.
  • (2005) Esin Ertek, MA in Political Science, The EU’s 2nd pillar development and intergovernmentalism, completed in February 2005.

Master Thesis supervision at Bilkent University

  • (2000) Petek Karatekelioglu, M.A. in Political Science, Thesis title: The emergence of the EU as a post-Westphalian Actor, completed in 2000.
  • (1999) Güniz Gürer, MA in Political Science, Thesis title: Turkey and the European Union: The role of political factors, completed in 1999.
  • (1998) Ömer Hakan Kök, MA in Political Science, Thesis title:  The Political and Economic Factors: The road to 1980 Military Take-Over, completed 1998.
  • (1997) Michael Niklas Wech, MA in Political Science, Thesis title: “Turkey and the European Union After the Customs Union”, completed 1997.
  • (1995) Murat Zengin, MA in Political Science, Thesis title: “The Road to Customs Union: Turkey and the European Union”, completed 1995.


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