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News from the Lab

Nobel laureate Prof. Aziz Sancar visited our Laboratory
2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureate Professor Aziz Sancar gave a lecture titled “The mechanistic fundamentals of DNA repair” at Sabancı University on Thursday, May 26, 2016. Professor Sancar told Sabancı University students about his 35-year work on how cells repair damaged DNAs and preserve genetic information that won him the 2015 Nobel Prize.

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Post-doc Receives Dr.Gürsel Sönmez Research Award
Beyza Vuruşaner Aktaş, PhD has been choosen as one of the “Dr. Gursel Sonmez Research Award” recipient. Award Committee has carefully evaluated the applications of 12 candidates, considering their research outcomes and references, and nominates Nima Tofighi, Jamal Seyyed Monfared Zanjani and Beyza Vuruşaner for the award, due to their outstanding contributions in their fields.

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PhD Student accepted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting & Courses Program
Bahriye Karakaş, a PhD research student in our lab, attended 81st Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Quantitative Biology, Targeting Cancer
June 1 – 5, 2016, New York, USA. She presented her work entitled as “Impact of mitochondrial estrogen receptor status on mitochondrial priming and endocrine therapy response in breast cancer cells”.

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Grad Students Successfully Defend PhD Thesis
Ahmetcan Timuçin, a PhD research student in our lab, successfully defended his thesis titled, “ Identification of SIRT1 as a novel regulator of NFAT5 dependent Aldose Reductase expression under osmotic stress”. Congratulations Dr. Timuçin!

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Beyza Vuruşaner Aktaş, a PhD research student in our lab, successfully defended her thesis titled, “Survival Signals Induced by Cholesterol Oxidation By-Products in Atherosclerosis”. Congratulations Dr. Vuruşaner!

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