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Name in Scientific Publications: Javed H. Niazi 

Name, SURNAME in Official Records: Javed Hussain Niazi, KOLKAR MOHAMMED

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Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM)
Orta Mh., 34956 Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey
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Tel:  +90 216-483-9879
Fax: +90 216-483-9885
email: javed[at]sabanciuniv.edu
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“My research is focused on interfacing new biomolecular signaling systems with electrical and optical transducers to develop novel assays and devices with diagnostic and monitoring capabilities. My research team comprises researchers from diverse backgrounds, mainly in biophysics, electronics engineering, and materials chemistry. My laboratory is situated in the magnificent SUNUM building, a national nanotech research center at the heart of Sabanci University campus. My work takes place in a BSL-2 class laboratory that is dedicated to Biosensors & Biomolecular Technology. The center also has an 800 m² (Class 100 – Class 1000 – Class 10000) clean room equipped with the necessary infrastructure to carry out state-of-the-art micro-nano-fabrication research and device development.”

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Links to SUNUM center: https://sunum.sabanciuniv.edu/en

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Ph.D. Biochemistry (2003) Gulbarga University,  India.
http://microsystems.sabanciuniv.edu/biosensor/index.phpM.Sc. Biochemistry (1996) Gulbarga University, India.
B.Sc. Chemistry (1994) Gulbarga University, India
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For scientific communications, I use “Javed H. Niazi“, otherwise known as Javed Kolkar

Recent Innovation (patent application): See Patents and Video here

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