Projects Completed

1) Role: PI (TÜBITAK funded 1001 program; 2011-2014)

Project code: 110E287

In-vitro selection of ssDNA aptamers and their use for the development of label-free aptamer based biosensors for cancer diagnosis














2. Role: Researcher (TUBITAK 1001; 2012-2015)

Project code: 112E051

Probing size-dependent toxicity of nanomaterials on living microbial cells using lab-on-a-chip (LoC)












3. Role: PI (TUBITAK 1001; 2013-2016)

Project code: 112Y309

Microbial bio-transformation of semiconductor nanomaterials (NMs)













4. Role: Researcher (COST 2515)

Project code: COST

Alternative cancer targeting strategies with photosensitising phthalocyanines linked to vitamins and aptamers












New projects under evaluation: 2


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