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Magnetic Quantum Dot material Demonstration –
This material is available for Research and for Display Technology Industries from the following link:
2. Man Bock Gu, KM Javed H. Niazi, Kim Yeon Seok, Kim Yun Jin, and Lee Su Jin. DNA aptamer binding to Oxytetracycline with specificity and production method. International Patent No. WO2009/041776 (Dec. 2, 2009) -for more information click here or [link 1] [link 2].

3. Man Bock Gu, KM Javed H. Niazi, and Lee Su Jin. Twenty one single-stranded DNA aptamers having high affinity to tetracycline and its analogues with high specificity and production method thereof. Korea Patent No. 10-2008-0028473 (pending). For details click HERE.

4. Man Bock Gu, Jeong Choon Bok, and KM Javed H. Niazi. 45 Single-stranded DNA aptamers having high affinity to diclofeanc with high specificity and the development method. Korea Patent No. 10-2009-0048759 (pending). For details CLICK HERE

5. Anjum Qureshi, Yasar Gurbuz, Javed Hussain Niazi Kolkar Mohammed, Saravan Kallempudi. Novel method and device for whole-cell bacterial bio-capacitor chip for detecting cellular stress induced by toxic chemicalsU.S. Provisional Application No. 61/488,693 (May 20, 2011)

6. “Hand-Held Point-of-Care Device for Detection of Multiple Cancer and Cardiac Disease
Biomarkers”Recent innovation from our group (Patent Appl. submitted):[youtube][/youtube]

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