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New paper in Current Psychology!

Friday, October 19th, 2018

Today our paper “Perceived Self-Society Moral Discrepancies Concerning Fairness Predict Depression and Paranoid Ideation” has been accepted for publication in the journal Current Psychology.¬† This paper follows up some of our earlier work with our graduate Nurdan G√ľndońüdu.¬† Replicating that work, we found that perceiving that one’s own moral beliefs are different (not stronger, just different) to those of the larger society correlated with symptoms of depression and paranoia.¬† This is, unfortunately, more and more relevant in these days of large-scale migration and political polarisation.

Peker, M., Booth, R.W., & G√ľney, O. (2018).¬†Perceived self-society moral discrepancies concerning fairness predict depression and paranoid ideation.¬† Current Psychology.¬†