Hall of Fame

Here are articles I’ve published with undergraduate students and research assistants (araştırma görevliler).  This is what I am always aiming to do when I work with Independent Study Project students – it probably won’t happen, but sometimes it can.

Estimated probabilities of positive, vs. negative, events show separable correlations with COVID-19 preventive behaviours reports a study I ran with Baran Yavuz and Ayça Aksu, two of my graduates from Işık University. Look how they’ve grown! 😉

A relationship between weak attentional control and cognitive distortions, explained by negative affect reports, among other things, my PROJ201 group’s project from Fall 2018.

Perceived Self-Society Moral Discrepancies Concerning Fairness Predict Depression and Paranoid Ideation reports some work I did with Onuray Güney, who was our Research Assistant at the time.

Relationships Among Self-Construal, Gender, Social Dominance Orientation and Interpersonal Distance reports the undergraduate project of Aylin Eke.

Turkish adaptation of the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire: Reliability and validity in non-clinical samples reports some work I did with Pınar Öztop, who was our Research Assistant at the time.

Looking good or doing good? Motivations for organisational citizenship behaviour in Turkish versus South Korean collectivists was written by Merve Alabak, a project student.  It presents her project data.

Perceived self‐society moral discrepancies predict depression but not anxiety reports the project of one of my students, Nurdan Gündoğdu.

Cognitive Bias Modification of Attention is Less Effective Under Working Memory Load reports a study I did with Pınar Öztop, who was our Research Assistant at the time.