Hall of Fame

Here are articles I’ve published with undergraduate students and research assistants (ara┼čt─▒rma g├Ârevliler).┬á This is what I am always aiming to do when I work with Independent Study Project students – it probably won’t happen, but sometimes it can.

A relationship between weak attentional control and cognitive distortions, explained by negative affect reports, among other things, my PROJ201 group’s project from Fall 2018.

Perceived Self-Society Moral Discrepancies Concerning Fairness Predict Depression and Paranoid Ideation reports some work I did with Onuray G├╝ney, who was our Research Assistant at the time.

Relationships Among Self-Construal, Gender, Social Dominance Orientation and Interpersonal Distance reports the undergraduate project of Aylin Eke.

Turkish adaptation of the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire: Reliability and validity in non-clinical samples reports some work I did with P─▒nar ├ľztop, who was our Research Assistant at the time.

Looking good or doing good? Motivations for organisational citizenship behaviour in Turkish versus South Korean collectivists was written by Merve Alabak, a project student.  It presents her project data.

Perceived selfÔÇÉsociety moral discrepancies predict depression but not anxiety reports the project of one of my students, Nurdan G├╝ndo─čdu.

Cognitive Bias Modification of Attention is Less Effective Under Working Memory Load reports a study I did with P─▒nar ├ľztop, who was our Research Assistant at the time.