Coffee Brewing

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all”
David Lynch

In this page, you will find alternative ways of coffee brewing with several suggestions based on experience.

I started coffee drinking with classical instant coffee back in 2005, after then in 2-3 months of time the taste did not satisfy me. This led me to move the ‘gold’ type of instant coffee, which kept me in the illusion of ‘instant coffee’ for 3 months. Later, I ‘discovered’ the old filter coffee machine at home, brought it to my office when I just started PhD in 2006.

Throughout the first 6 months the ground coffee was really good until I realized that the ground coffee slates and looses its taste in a week or so. Which gave me an inspiration to buy a coffee grinder so that I was able to grind coffee ‘instantly’. This was a big step ahead towards fresh and lively coffee and introduced several types of beans to me.

After a year or so, in 2008ish, one day I tried espresso, which has always seemed hard and bitter to me. I still remember my face when I tasted the my first espresso, then it came through something I was lasting for. As a result, I bought a manual espresso machine, which served me about 6 years.

Within time as I have been also travelling for conferences, meetings, touristic purposes, it became as a need to brew own coffee wherever I go, as it was really hard to find the same taste standard. Once, I remember putting the whole big filter coffe/espresso maker machine from Delonghi in my car’s boot just to have a ‘proper’ coffee for a week of summer holiday.

Later, I learned several portable coffee brewing techniques such as Aeropress, Handpresso, accompanied with a manual coffee grinding.

I will progressively share the details of such coffee brewing techniques, quality of coffee beans, effect of brewing parameters on the taste of coffee based on different methods.