TÜBİTAK 1003 Project Proposal is Supported

First project grant as the principal investigator and faculty member came through the TUBITAK 1003 calls, which is about development of position correction system and mode damping system for industrial robots in machining applications.

In this project, laser based tracking systems will be developed to increase the tool path contouring accuracy of industrial robots for robotic machining applications. In orientation measurement and tracking, image processing based techniques and system will be developed, which track number of markers aligned according to specific patterns. The developed subsystems will communicate the robotic control system through real time control card to correct both position and orientation whilst the robot is moving along the desired machining path. The low frequency modes due to the robotic structure will be suppressed by using inertial active damping system designed for specifically robotic machining application. By application of such a system on robot the machining performance of the robot will be improved. As a result, the machining application either on the metallic part or composite part will be able to carried out in a more accurate fashion with improved chatter stability.