Courses Offered

The list of courses offered as instructor are given below

ENS 209 – Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Solid Modeling
Terms: Fall 2011/2012, Spring 2011/2012, Summer 2011/2012, Fall 2012/2013, Spring 2012/ 2013, Fall 2017

ENS 209 is concerned with the basic and important principles in omputer-aided drafting and design (CADD), and 3D solid modeling. Based on an understanding of engineering drawing, the course will further introduce the use of computers for 2D drafting and 3D solid modeling. Topics include: engineering drawing, tolerances, computer-aided technical drafting and design, geometric models and data structures, representation and manipulation of curves and surfaces and 3D solid modeling, and assembly modeling and analysis.

IE 309 – Manufacturing Processes
Terms: Summer 2017

IE 309 deals with modern manufacturing technology; introduction to manufacturing processes, inspection methods and quality; materials and their manufacturing characteristics; description of various conventional and nonconventional applications in industry: casting, metal forming, forging, extrusion, rolling, joining and welding, EDM, ECM, laser machining, abrasive flow processes; machining processes: turning, milling, drilling, broaching etc., abrasive machining processes.

MS 481 – Virtual Production System Development
Terms: Spring 2013

MS 481  covers virtual development of a pro
duction system for a new product. Product selection and planning, market and customer requirements, conceptual and detailed designs, manufacturing process and equipment selection, quality system, production planning, 3D production system design and simulation etc. will be covered. The project groups will design and simulate their selected production system using Delmia software where they will also try to obtain the potential problems and best operational conditions through simulations.

MFG 5801 – Special Topics in Manufacturing Engineering: Tool path Planning and Generation for Multi-axis Machining Operations
Terms: Fall 2017

MFG 5801 covers the advanced CAD/CAM applications, which are used in metal cutting and composite material machining processes. The theoretical and practical aspects for modelling, simulation and NC Programming techniques will be discussed. The topics covered during the lectures will be applied through homework, lab sessions and a course project. Techniques for analytical surfaces representation and modeling, surface generation techniques in CAD environment, theoretical aspects of toolpath computation for 3 and 5 axis milling, machining strategies offered by commercial CAM packages, theoretical and practical aspects of post processing issues for 3 and 5 axis milling will be covered. Process modeling for simulation and verification of 3 and 5 axis milling processes will be covered. Machining systems such as CNC machines, robotic manufacturing systems will be focused.