c. Further Useful Info

a. Classroom phones: In each classroom, there is a fixed phone next to each remote control. In case of emergency you may wish to call the IT staff at 9200 or contact one of the OLSP Team members. It also allows for other internal calls just in case.

b. What kind of support do SU IT (Information Technology) & IC (Information Center) provide?

b.1. SU Information Technology (IT) http://mysu.sabanciuniv.edu/bt/eng/: Please check the website especially for ?Services/Facilities?, ?FAQs? and ?For New Comers? links.

b.2. Information Center (IC) http://www.sabanciuniv.edu/bm/tr/ is a multi-medium online and hard copy support center for all SU members. However ?IC Course Material Support Unit? is the unit which works closely with SL instructors on the following and provides extensive technology support.

–  Audio recordings in a professional studio

–  Any video/analogue recording to be used as course material can be converted into digital format

–  Flash animation of your conference presentations

–  Online access to DVDs to be used as course material

–  Direct links to lectures downloaded onto IC website from other websites to reduce the download time and prevent loss of data through time. However please note that it may sometimes not be possible to download subtitles and interactive typescripts if the original website offers such facilities.

Tips for Classroom Projectors & Remote Controls: To reveal & unreveal the content on laptop screen you may need:

–  On the desktop right click & go to Graphic options/Dual display/monitor+laptop

–  Fn+F5 / Screen icon (monitor + LCD) (1024 X 768) for Toshiba

– Fn+F7 / Screen icon (monitor + LCD) (1024 X 768) for LENOVO

–  Remote controls have freeze & no show modes

–  If you spot any major problems please make a note of them in the trouble-shooting list in the SL Administrative Office. Melahat Fındık then communicates with the relevant people and gets things sorted out.

How to access your documents from outside campus:

a)      VPN -Virtual Private Network- Contact IT Help Desk at 9200 if you do not have a VPN shortcut key on the bottom right  handside of your laptop (a yellow key).

b)      sudocs.sabanciuniv.edu  is the other option. Please keep in mind that the ?public? folder in this platform is public.