ii. SUCourse

SUCourse is based on Sakai Project as an online Collaboration and Learning Environment.
It provides features to supplement and enhance teaching and learning for coursework and education. The OLSP team is responsible for the creation and maintenance of level SUcourses, which are online platforms enabling teachers and students to have access to supplementary resources, such as vocabulary lists, companions, quia activites as well as materials and links for in-class use and student self-study. Everyone in SL is welcome to contribute to the resources and links on SUCourse and suggest improvements. For any contributions, please contact the OLSP team member specified for your level.

The OLSP team works closely with the other teams and tasks groups in SL. Here is an outline of the collaboration that takes place at the beginning of each term:

  • Level coordinators send administrative documents, such as course info, section timetables and student calendar to the OLSP team for uploading on SUcourse.
  • OLSP receives updates from the syllabus and assessment teams in order to publish the most current versions of documents.
  • The assessment coordinator collates the deadline information for the writing assignments for all levels and sends this to the OLSP team. The OLSP team creates assignments for the submission of writing assignments and gives relevant updates to team coordinators to be shared with the team members.
  • For any technology issues the OLSP team contacts the SU IT SUCourse team.

However, for writing assignments only, each instructor has the ?visitor? role which allows them to maintain the deadlines extension for potential Turn-it-in related problems- and any other options on the assignment tool. The visitor role does not allow for the maintenance of other tools.

Please click here A2_OLSP_Orientation_SUCOURSEforOnlineGuide2010 to see the powerpoint ?OLSP_Orientation_SUCOURSE? on How Tos & further details.