Basic Info (awareness level)

Definition: Basically SLOnline is the hard disk of a computer somewhere in the IT department. The documents related with the school of languages are kept there. As teachers we can reach these documents through the internet. Some documents are read-only but copying them on your computer is still possible.

Use in ELT: You can browse through the folders and reach any document of interest. You can then copy, read/listen, edit (if you have permission), print out the documents.

  1. Detailed Info (practice level)

In order to access to SLOnline in the campus you must be using a computer or laptop which was configured by the IT department and which has an internet connection. Under ?my computer? folder you should be able to see the circled icon in the picture on the left. When you click on it, you can have access to files stored in SLOnline.

In order to reach these files from outside the campus, you again need to use your IT configured computer/laptop. First, you need to make a security connection. On the bottom right hand side corner of your screen, you will see the icon in the picture on the right. Double click the icon (key shape) Type in your username and password in the window as in picture A. You will see that the connection succeeded as in pictures B and C. Now, you are ready to connect to SLOnline. You must not use VPN connection inside the campus. Also, if you are connected to the internet via wireless connection, make sure that you are connected via “sunet-staff-wpa2” wireless connection to be able to access SLOnline.

Picture A Picture B Picture C