Using Wiki to Exploit BtheB Material

Let?s say you are teaching B&B Intermediate Book 1 unit 3 (Science and Engineering: The Universe). On page 76 (Output 1: Writing) the report writing task could also be done through using a wiki. First you must sign up to a wiki host such as Here is an example: (look at the first picture please)

Step 1:

1)      Give a name for your site

2)      Read and study the manual (there are also videos)

3)      Create one page for each pair of students

4)      Invite all the students in your class by putting in their emails (you must know their emails)

*Click to make it full screen

Step 2:

    1. Notice that you are in ?edit? mode. In this mode, you and your students can edit the page in any way they want.
    2. Students will know which page belongs to them as you write their names while creating the pages.
    3. You can write the task for the students.

Students brainstorm ideas as instructed. (They can do this from anywhere) After typing some ideas all they need to do is to ?save?. They can edit repeatedly.

*Click to make it full screen

Similarly, the rest of the exercises (2, 3, and 4 on pg 77, 78) can be done in the same fashion.