Supplementing BtheB Units With Podcasts:

Step 1: Go to the relevant SLonline┬á folder for the level and find the podcast list prepared for that level (E.g Intermediate —– Common to INT1 & INT2 —- PODCASTS — Int. Podcast list)

Step 2: Find the unit you are planning to teach. And check ?the title and the link? column on the list. You can see a word icon if there is a task sheet for that podcast. Or you can directly go to SLPodclass (either by clicking on the title of the podcast or going to the  School of Languages website and clicking on the  SLpodclass link on the menu).

Step 3: When you go to SLPodclass, click on one of the feeds (E.g. VOA), you will see a list of podcasts. Next to each podcast title, you can find the level and unit match (e.g. suitable for Basic unit 6).

Step 4: After you find the podcast you are looking for from the list, now you can see whether it has a ready prepared task sheet and whether it was prepared by a teacher or a student. If there is a task sheet, you will see a word icon. For most of the podcasts, if it was prepared by a student, it is mentioned but if  prepared by a teacher, nothing is written. When you click on the word icon, you will reach the task sheet. For some podcasts, you can find more than one task sheet; in that case, these are all saved in one word document.

Step 5: When you click on the title of the podcast, you will see a sign that says ?Click here to download?. If you left-click on ?here?, you will start listening to the podcast. If you right-click on ?here? and choose ?save target as?, you can download and save it on your computer. By listening to the podcast, you can decide, whether it is suitable for your lesson, when and how to use the podcast, whether to use the accompanying task sheet, etc.

from  the SL Podcast Task Group