Jun 03

Attendance & Gradebook Handbook -June 2013

Jun 13

The series of ?tech-a-kucha time? workshops aimed to provide the participants with practical and easily available WEB 2.0 tools to be exploited in their teaching contexts.

1. Word magnets: It allows the teacher to copy and paste a text onto a board.  The tool creates magnets of words from the text which allows the learners  to use as a revision activity by unscrambling the original text.

2. Zamzar: It allows users to convert files into multiple formats, such as doc to pdf; pdf to doc; jpeg to gif etc.

Word Magnets& Zamzar

3. Story Bird: It allows users to read and create stories using multiple images and/or specific themes in collaboration with others.


4. Jing: It allows users to make screenshots and screencasts with voice over option which are archived in “History” of the tool.


5. Cueprompter: It allows users to write or cut and paste the text to the screen provided. By pressing the button one can to start the prompter. Pause, fast forward and reverse options are provided.


6. Vocaroo: It allows users to send voice messages via e-mail.


7. Bubblr: It allows users to create comic strips using photos from flickr.com.


8. Wrap-up session: Saturday, 3rd of the Tech-a Kucha Session was a wrap up which gave the participants an opportunity to share any possible tools they themselves make use of . Tech-a Kucha team also offered fun and practical ideas and tools to the participants.

Tech-a kucha-Saturday